TightSpot ShiftLock Quiver

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Product Overview

Offering a perfect customized fit tight to your bow, the TightSpot™ Shift Lock™ 5-Arrow Quiver nearly eliminates accuracy-robbing bow torque. The world's most adjustable 1-piece quiver, the Shift Lock's patented RightSpot™ triple axis adjustment gives bowhunters a full range of adjustability. The quiver's telescoping rod design lets you adjust the overall length of the quiver to fit your arrows and move the hood up and down for better balance. The Quick-Draw arrow system puts your arrow close at hand for a second shot. This reliable design features adjustable arrow wedges that allow you to adjust the holding tension and a second arrow gripper that holds arrows and broadheads tighter and more reliably. Made of a sturdy and lightweight aluminum and woven carbon fiber, the Shift Lock features a larger hood design to accommodate longer and wider broadheads. Quick-detach design with an oversized dovetail rail mount that lets archers slide the quiver in and out to fine-tune balance and eliminate side torque. Built-in hanger.

  • Advanced quiver design with exceptional adjustability for a precise fit
  • Patented RightSpot triple axis adjustment - nearly eliminates accuracy-robbing bow torque
  • Telescoping rod design - fits arrows and moves hood up and down for better balance
  • Quick-Draw arrow system
  • Adjustable arrow wedges and second arrow gripper for sure hold
  • Sturdy and lightweight aluminum and woven carbon-fiber construction
  • Larger hood design - accommodates longer and wider broadheads
  • Quick-detach design with oversized dovetail rail mount - offers further adjustment
  • Built-in hanger


(No reviews yet) Write a Review