Ravin Crossbows R9 Crossbow Predator Camo

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Product Overview

Ravin Crossbows have been designed from the stock forward to deliver superior accuracy, more punishing downrange energy and a better shooting experience, all this in the most compact crossbow to ever fire an arrow. At 6 inches axle-axle, it is the most compact crossbow ever created.

Patented HeliCoil technology is the engine that drives it all, providing an efficient compact design with rifle-like downrange accuracy. The innovated design coils cables away from both the top and bottom of the cams in helical grooves keeping the cams perfectly balanced for increased speed and accuracy.

Helicoil» technology allows the Ravin Crossbow Package to have rifle-like downrange accuracy and unique features not seen in any other crossbow. It allows for a near-full rotation of a smaller, more efficient cam design, which spirals the cables away from the cams, balancing the load on the limbs, reducing vibration and maintaining perfectly level cam rotation. This creates a frictionless flight system» that eliminates the need for a crossing cable and allows the string and bolt to free-float off the rail, eliminating friction and fletch clearance while creating unmatched accuracy, The Ravin Crossbows R9 boasts 390-fps bolt speed and 135 ft.-lbs. of kinetic energy. Compact design at only 6" axle-to-axle when fully cocked, making it the narrowest and most huntable crossbow ever designed. The Versa-Draw» Cocking System is a fully integrated ultracompact crossbow cocking mechanism built into a sleek stock design. Allows both cocking and uncocking. Anti-Dry-Fire/Auto Safety Trac Trigger Firing system». Includes 100-yd. speed adjustment illuminated scope. Made in USA.
Speed: 390 fps.
Power stroke: 13".
Draw wt: 195 lbs./10 lbs. cocking force.
Length: 34.5".
Width (uncocked): 10.5", 6" cocked.
Wt: 6.9 lbs., 8.6 lbs. with accessories.
Camo pattern: Predator¨ Brown Deception».

Package Includes:

  • 6 - Ravin Branded Arrows and Ravin Nocks
  • Removable Cocking Handle
  • Quiver/Mounting Bracket
  • 100 Grain Practice Field Points
  • 100 Yard Illuminated Scope
  • Built-In Cocking Mechanism
  • Anti-Dry Fire/Auto Safety
  • Built-in Sling Mounts


(No reviews yet) Write a Review