Ravin Crossbows R15 Predator Crossbow - Camo

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Product Overview

Ravin Crossbows, powered by Helicoil technology, are revolutionizing the Crossbow Industry!

  • Helicoil cables coil away from both the top and bottom of the cams in helical grooves keeping the cams perfectly balanced, for increased speed and downrange accuracy.
  • Perfectly level cams! Helicoil technology keeps both cams perfectly level when drawing and shooting the crossbow. This allows the arrow to free float above the rail, eliminating friction, giving you increased speed and downrange accuracy.
  • Helicoil technology allows the cams to rotate 340 degrees. This creates the most compact, efficient and accurate crossbow ever!
  • The TRAC-Trigger firing system to slide forward and attach to the precise center of the string for straight line nock travel, improving your accuracy!
  • The VERSA DRAW Cocking System, works in conjuction with the Trac-Trigger firing system. This ultra compact fully integrated cocking mechanism is built into a sleek stock design. Fully ambidextrous and allows for both COCKING and UNCOCKING.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review