Little Jon's Archery Range

range.jpgNow available at Little Jons Archery…an outdoor range! We have four block range targets set at 20, 30, 40 and 60 yards! Archery Targets must be purchased in the store prior to shooting. We stock 5-Spot, Single-Spot, Animal, and several options in ‘game’ faces. CROSSBOW shooters encouraged and welcome! Sight in your crossbow on our crossbow range out to 60 yards. 

Range Fees: $10/Hour
$7.50/Half Hour

We also have an indoor TechnoHunt Shooting Range. TechnoHUNT is the premiere revolutionary new way to enjoy the classic sport of archery. Whether you are a competitive target shooter or a bowhunter looking to improve your aim, TechnoHUNT offers you an experience unlike any other. It is a thrilling interactive target-shooting environment that transports you to the farthest corners of the world, letting you virtually hunt game many only dream of. TechnoHunt Fees: $12/30min for 1 person. Bring a friend. Not only can you compete against each other, but you recieve a discount. 

Hours of Operation: 
Monday: 12-7 
Tuesday: 12-5 
Wednesday: 12-5
Thursday: 12-7 
Friday: 12-5 
Saturday: 12-4 
Sunday: CLOSED 

Interested in taking Archery Lessons? Little Jon’s Archery offer lessons as well. Stop in the shop and ask more details about learning from our Archery Staff. 

Lessons can be taught one to one or as a group. Setup a time today. If you have any other questions and can’t stop in, give us a call, 608-478-0880.