Helix Broadheads

Helix Broadheads

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• One serious piece of metal; made of stainless steel, 62-thousandths of an inch thick (72-thousandths for 125 gr.) and honed to a razor's edge, most other hunting broadheads aren't even half       as thick
• Single bevel, aerodynamic design works in tandem with the fletching which results in greater overall stability in flight
• The offset sharpening process yields a unique hunting broadhead that is forced to rotate in flight
• Front rotation from the arrowhead combined with back rotation from the fletching results in greater stability in flight
• Superior penetration and a massive wound channel...larger in diameter than the width of the broadhead
• Sharpened on the back to reduce friction and aid in penetration
• Right Bevel designed for use with right-wing, right offset, or right helical fletched arrows
• Weight: 85, 100, 125 gr.
• Cut Diameter: 1-1/8" (100gr.), 1-3/16" (125gr.)
• # of Blades: 2
• Blade Thickness: .060" (.070" for 125 gr.)
• Heads Per Pack: 3


(No reviews yet) Write a Review