About Us

Welcome to Little Jon’s Archery in Marshall, WI! Founded in 1984, we started in my parents basement. We now have 5000 square feet of warehouse space, packed full of ONLY archery equipment and supplies!

Little Jon’s carries all major Bow AND Arrow Brands including Gold Tip Arrows, Victory Arrows, Easton and Beman Arrows, and all of the major crossbow brands of crossbow bolts. We refletch arrows and can custom fletch and/or wrap arrows for you!

Using only state of the art equipment and tools, we provide a ‘bow tuning service’ that guarantees your field points and broadheads will shoot in the same spot! I can also ‘tune’ your arrows! For more information on these services please give me a call anytime.

Little Jon Archery’s Brand New Outdoor Range is open during business hours…shoot 20-30-40 and even 60 yards.

Jon has been in the archery business for 35 years and we have been in the archery business together for 14 years…let out experience be your guide whether you are bowhunting, target shooting or just enjoying the sport of archery at school or at home-we have the skills and products you need!